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Wait, wait...

November 5th, 2012 (05:10 pm)

The LJ servers still function?

Oh man.

Let's party like it's 1999!

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Leon is the man!

January 10th, 2008 (02:07 pm)

Oh my dear lj friends, get your fix o' Nelson in your blog-reader of choice at:


Are You That Guy? and LJ.

Together already.

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Abandon Ship!

January 9th, 2008 (02:08 pm)

I'm leaving lj for good.

Actually I already did.

I was planning on getting a whole fortnight of posts rolling at my new blog before announcing it on here, but last night I hit a watershed moment: I'm almost a week ahead on material and I keep generating more.

So here's the new URL:


and come visit me once a week or so... I'll be writing more often than that if you want a regular fix, and as you can tell there's already been a whole bunch since the first. (Today is more than a little atypical, I was feeling VERY loquacious last night.)

The archive will stay here... and at some point I might figure out a way to feed that guy through here, but for now I just invite you to add me to your RSS feeds or whatever.


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How have I managed to live 32 years...

December 25th, 2007 (09:12 pm)

without owning a copy of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours?

My most favourite album I never owned.

Until today.

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Juno- [No Real Spoilers]

December 23rd, 2007 (12:39 am)

I'm going to start off by just saying I love this flick. Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman have crafted a movie that's every bit as funny as what the Apatow camp has been pumping out all year while being 1000 times more emotionally honest. On top of that, I can't be 100% certain it isn't just the skill of the actors, but the characters manage to have fairly distinct voices, without too much of what can be called the "Aaron Sorkin problem" (or KevinSmithobia wherein all the characters sound like they are the same person because the writer can only generate their own voice).

This is easier to hide in a film where the protagonist is in damn near every scene, but unlocks the achievement nonetheless. 25 points and guaranteed work post strike to Ms. Cody.

However the script does manage to do something that drives me up the wall, something that SUPERBAD did as well. At more than one point in the flick the script has teenage characters make casual pop culture references that are tailor made for near 30-year olds. And I'm not talking about music references, but cartoons and other such ephemera. Not that I don't have first hand knowledge of this occurring in real life... I did have a completely age inappropriate relationship that was founded on a detailed knowledge of Jem and the Holograms once.

Okay, don't read too much into that.

Maybe I just don't know enough about the modern day syndication cycle. or the depths to which Saturday morning programming has fallen to... but I know if I ever hear Ellen Page turn to Jonah Hill and start expounding upon the kink subtext of the Bionic Six I'm loading up a gun show worth of ammunition into a Ryder truck and unleashing hell upon the Southland.

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Can me schedule get any more f*d up?

December 19th, 2007 (07:25 pm)

Took the car in to the shop today at 9A. Which meant I was leaving the house around 8:30. I know I know, boo hoo to you Mr. Nelson. Thing is that I've been a nite owl of late, and a relatively productive one at that.

Yesterday I did the bulk of my work from 9P to 2A... and then couldn't get down till around 4:30A. Got up at 7:30A. Three hours sleep and I'm at Oceanworks in West Berkeley with an hour or so to kill... so I walked from down around Ashby and San Pablo, up to Downtown B in the hopes of scoring the week's stash of comic books. No such luck. Comic Relief doesn't open until 11, even on Holy Wednesdays.

Drop the last disk of The Wire's 4th season off at Reel at Shatt and Derby, get the call that the car is ready and march on back. In perpetual motion for an hour and a half, then back in the car to finally get the comics and return home.

And I'm zonkered.

Its after 7 when I'm writing this. I took a four hour nap today... will I ever get back to something resembling a "normal" human schedule?

Do I want to?

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Rockin Along.. Fully Nocturnal

December 18th, 2007 (12:16 am)

Here's an unintended consequence of having Batman as your childhood hero and carrying that geek love through to post-adolescence: I am far more productive at night than I could possibly be during the day.

By a mega-factor.

Its just past midnight and I'm only starting to get into my groove tonight.

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December 11th, 2007 (12:42 am)

Sometimes I get creeped out by what feels like my reading of the zeitgeist. Of course, out here on the Internet something is happening all the time... but right now I've been doing the groundwork on starting a blog dedicated to Futurism, and I've discovered two sites on the subject that have big pushes in January.

One is just a author's site, getting ready for a Jan book release Evolution Shift is that one. The other is more interesting, called Big Think, this one feature videos of "unfiltered interviews with today’s leading thinkers, movers and shakers".

Maybe these will bear fruit, have some kind of cultural impact, maybe they won't. My biggest problem with my relationship to the zeitgeist is that I always seem to be just a couple of months ahead of what the mainstream is aware of, but YEARS behind where the creatives are... or at least not enough to make a difference.

And I've just decided that I need to do my research in Flock for the clipboard... its that simple.

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Just checking to see...

November 28th, 2007 (02:14 am)

What happens when I use Chatty's co's program.

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Chillin cuz I'm illin'

August 7th, 2007 (09:00 pm)

Went to the doctors for the first time this DECADE today. By all estimates I have strep. Now I've got some antibiotics, so I should be fine in a few days.

I hope so, because I don't have time not to be.

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